Sleeping problems

General Symptoms of Cow'S Milk Protein Allergy.

Sleeping problems or sleep disturbance is defined as difficulty falling or staying asleep.1 Nocturnal wakefulness is normal during early infancy and usually decreases substantially over the first few months of life.2 

Many babies will have difficulty falling or staying asleep during their first year of life, and maybe even beyond. 


What Causes
Problems in

Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA) may cause sleeping problems in some infants.1,3 In other cases, the causes have been linked to environmental factors, to other food allergies/intolerance and to an underlying medical condition (e.g., anemia).2

Could It Be a
Symptom of
Cow’s Milk
Protein Allergy?

When no evident cause for sleeping problems can be found in an infant, the possibility of CMPA should be given serious consideration.4

Consider it as part of the full work up once CMPA is being diagnosed.

Overview of Symptoms

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Up to 30% of affected infants with CMPA have respiratory symptoms15,20

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Anaphylactic shock is a severe, immediate, allergic reaction, which can affect many organ/systems

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Up to 75% of infants with CMPA can have skin-related symptoms21

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Inconsolable crying is very common in infants with CMPA associated with sleeping problems and food refusal