CMPA Support Tools

Here you can find help and advice on all things CMPA, along with our educational video content and downloadable guides and checklists.

Support Tools for Healthcare



A simple, fast and easy-to-use awareness tool for cow’s milk-related symptoms in infants. This tool is intended to be used for infants under 1 year.



A user friendly tool to help ensure that children diagnosed with CMPA are able to meet their daily calcium requirements.



Commonly asked questions around the management of cow’s milk protein allergy

Educational Videos

Learn more from this series of educational videos to help you understand early diagnosis and appropriate management of infants and young children with CMPA.

Evaluate symptoms with CoMiSS™

Leading experts have developed CoMiSS™ to raise the awareness of and evaluate symptoms related to cow's milk.

Skin manifestations of CMPA

Watch a leading expert share knowledge on the skin manifestations of CMPA.

Why is CMPA so difficult to diagnose?

Watch leading experts share knowledge on CMPA management.

Dietary Management of CMPA

Understand how to monitor the growth, development and nutritional intake of the infant or young child with CMPA.

International Food Allergy Guidelines

ESPGHAN arrow-diagonal-blue

ESPGHAN Updated - Position Paper 2023 (Vandenplas et al., 2023)

ESPGHAN Guidelines

GA2LEN arrow-diagonal-blue

Managing Food Allergy: GA2LEN guideline 2022 (Muraro et al., 2022)

GA2LEN Guidelines

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EAACI guidelines on the diagnosis of IgE-mediated food allergy 2023 (Santos et al. 2023)

EAACI Guidelines

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