Abdominal Pain

Digestive Symptoms of Cow'S Milk Protein Allergy.

Most abdominal pain in children is not serious and will get better without treatment.1 

It may not have a physical cause but be linked to anxiety or stress.1


What Causes
Abdominal Pain in

It is sometimes difficult to find the cause for abdominal pain in infants and children. Common causes in children include wind, constipation and gastroenteritis (or inflammation of the digestive system) and possibly allergies, such as CMPA.

Could It Be a
Symptom of
Cow’s Milk
Protein Allergy?

CMPA may present with symptoms of abdominal pain, amongst others. Abdominal pain can also be confused with functional gastrointestinal disorders or lactose intolerance.2

However, when considering the diagnosis of CMPA, it’s important to understand that the majority of these infants have at least two symptoms affecting at least two different organ systems.3-5 Therefore, consider the individual child as well as the magnitude of their symptoms.

Overview of Symptoms

Respiratory icon


Up to 30% of affected infants with CMPA have respiratory symptoms15,20

Anaphylaxis icon


Anaphylactic shock is a severe, immediate, allergic reaction, which can affect many organ/systems

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Up to 75% of infants with CMPA can have skin-related symptoms21

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Inconsolable crying is very common in infants with CMPA associated with sleeping problems and food refusal