Multiple food allergies

What’s it all mean?

Multiple food allergies – having an allergy to more than one food – are surprisingly common. Around 30% of children with a cow’s milk protein allergy will be allergic to one or more other foods as well.

Coping with multiple food allergies can be challenging, for both parents and children – from managing meals out to ensuring their nutritional needs are being properly met. But thousands of families have found solutions that work for them and are able to enjoy mealtimes together.

Did you know?

Around 90% of food allergic reactions can be attributed to just nine types of food:

  • Cow's Milk iconCow’s Milk
  • Wheat iconWheat
  • Fish iconFish
  • Shellfish iconShellfish
  • Soy iconSoy
  • Ground nuts (peanuts) iconGround nuts (peanuts)
  • Tree nuts iconTree nuts
  • Sesame iconSesame
  • Egg iconEgg

Healthcare providers still don’t know exactly what causes these kinds of food allergies, but research is being carried out to help grow our understanding.