Successfully managing cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA) is always easier when it starts with an early, and accurate, diagnosis. Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, ongoing structured support will be required for your baby.

This includes a dietary management plan and monitoring of your baby's growth and development.

Baby eating friendly allergy food. Baby eating friendly allergy food.

Dietary management plan

Mother breastfeeding a baby.


Breastfeeding is the best feeding option for you and your baby. Even if your baby has been diagnosed with CMPA, you should continue breastfeeding.

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Preparation of hypoallergenic-milk formula in a baby bottle.

Formula-feeding in CMPA

We’ve developed a full range of formulas designed to manage CMPA and with your baby in mind and contain all the necessary nutrients to support growth and development.

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Hypoallergenic dairy-free formulas developed by Nestlé Health Science.

feeding in CMPA

Simply removing cow’s milk protein from your child’s diet can quickly see improvements. Here you can find out which products and foods contain cow's milk protein. In addition, we provide you with some alternative products that your child can eat to meet their nutritional needs without cow's milk.

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Hypoallergenic dairy-free formulas developed by Nestlé Health Science.

Living with CMPA

Around 80% of young children outgrow their allergy to cow’s milk/dairy by the age of three to five years. Your healthcare provider will decide along with you on when the food reintroduction process can start.

You can find support including a range of dairy-free child-friendly recipes here.

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Hear from
families just like

We understand that you may be worried, but rest assured there are solutions for every baby with CMPA. We are here to help and support you and your baby. Discover the experiences that other parents have had with CMPA in our video series.

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01 Adriana and Andre,
London, UK

Adriana tells the story of her baby, André, who presented cow's milk allergy symptoms while she was breastfeeding him. She continued to breastfeed her baby while excluding milk from her diet.

02 Wandrille + Clemence

Meet baby Wandrille, who was diagnosed at 3 months old CMPA after suffering from reflux.

03 Robin + Katrien

Meet Robin, who began showing signs of CMPA at just 1 month old.