Elimination Diet

How it works


    Removal of all cow's milk protein from your baby's diet and if breastfeeding from the mothers diet. Some people find this easier than others, but you can find support including a range of dairy-free child-friendly recipes here.


    Your healthcare provider will advise you on the period of time you should continue with the elimination diet. Usually it is between two and six weeks. During that time your healthcare provider will make routine symptom checks, and you will need to make daily ongoing checks on their symptom. Keeping a symptom diary can help, and you can download ours here.

  • If your baby does have an allergic reaction to cow’s milk proteins, you’ll probably notice improvements quickly. The majority should disappear within 2 to 4 weeks, and they should be symptom-free by 6 weeks. If you see these improvements in symptoms, it’s likely your healthcare provider will suggest reintroducing cow’s milk proteins in small amounts to see if symptoms reappear. This will allow them to confirm the diagnosis.

  • Under your healthcare provider’s guidance you can undertake the ‘oral food challenge’ – feeding your child a small amount of a milk-based product then carefully watching for any signs of a reaction. This will either be done at a healthcare provider’s surgery or hospital clinic under the supervision of a healthcare provider, but it can also be done at home. It’s important that this is only done with the advice and supervision of a healthcare provider and that symptoms are monitored and recorded carefully.


If the elimination diet doesn’t help?

If avoiding cow’s milk proteins does not help your baby, it’s unlikely that they have CMPA. In this case your healthcare provider will begin investigating other possible causes for the symptoms you have observed, such as colic or lactose intolerance.


If breastfeeding is not possible, your healthcare provider will advise you on the suitable options available.

Options available Arrow *Food for Special Medical Purposes to be used under medical supervision.
Althera hmo

Althéra® HMO

Suitable for infants and young children with CMPA.

Althera hmo

Alfaré® HMO

Suitable for infants & young children with digestive problems related to CMPA.


Alfamino® HMO and
Alfamino® Junior HMO

Suitable for infants or young children over 1 year of age with severe CMPA and/or multiple food allergies.