Hypoallergenic Formula Feeding in CMPA

These formulas can be based on extensively hydrolyzed proteins such as whey, casein, rice and soy, or can be based on 100% free amino acids. Extensively hydrolyzed formulas (eHFs) with proven efficacy in children with CMPA are usually the first line choice for the majority of infants.1,2

When an eHF is ineffective at achieving symptom resolution (estimated to be <10%),1 or when the infant has had an anaphylactic reaction to cow’s milk/dairy, an amino acid-based formula (AAF) should be prescribed.

Hypoallergenic infant formulas are formulas that have been tested and proven to be tolerated by at least 90% of children with documented CMPA with a 95% Confidence Interval (CI), under double-blind, placebo-controlled conditions.3-5